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Have you noticed the power women have?! Im honored to have been asked to be a speaker at this celebration & event on International Womens Day.
WOMEN & WEALTH Thursday March 8th at 7 pm 1100 corporate Center, Drive. Monterey Park. Hear the knowledge & network with female owned businesses everything from starting a business & more.
RSVP 626-975-4084 Limited seating.

This November 4th, 2017 We will be at Antonio Paleyo's 8th Annual multicultural day of the dead event El Velorio 7 PM till 1:30 AM p.m. Plaza de La Raza.
Stop by @wardrobedivas booth, I will have my calendar on deck ready to sign for you!

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The official Queen of Bail & the Bond Girl's 2017 video.

RQOB gives a nod to AC/DC's 1974 "Jailbreak" with her own style featuring The Bond Girls.
Featuring choppers by Rooster Machine, & Vans provided by Rolling Heavy Magazine.

Behind the scenes from the "Innocence" video shoot.

Stay tuned for the official Queen of Bail & the Bond Girl's video.
Part of a multi media expedition called the Desert Bond Projects.
Presented by Wackoe Films.
Featuring Chopper's from Rooster Machine, Vannin courtesy of Rolling Heavy Magazine.
Makeup by @shezsweets, & featuring the Bond Girls!




A drug lord comes to check out the Queen of Bail to see if her operation is legit.


Behind The Scenes

Raquel Queen Of Bail

Is available 24 hours a day by calling
All cities, all jails, statewide.


Raquel Queen Of Bail has been getting people out of jail for 11 years.

RQOB understands that things happen.

RQOB is a firm believer in not letting an arrest ruin your day, your weekend, or your week. Bail out of jail with ease & confidence, in a timely manner.

Press Release

The truth behind Sean Penn's 'bungle in the jungle': Director Oliver Stone orchestrated rendezvous with El Chapo to make a Hollywood blockbuster starring the Oscar-winning actor as the druglord

Raquel 'Queen of Bail', a bondswoman who deals with celebrities and drug cartel members alike, added: 'The meeting may not have helped his Rolling Stone article, but I'm sure it helped him as an actor tremendously - how he walks, how he talks.
'Seven hours of somebody, I'm sure, is a great study.'

Sean Penn's notorious meeting with El Chapo was orchestrated by director Oliver Stone, who wanted to buy the rights to the druglord's life for a mere $6million and make a Hollywood blockbuster starring the Oscar-winner, a new documentary will reveal.
In his widely lampooned article for Rolling Stone, Penn claimed he pursued a rendezvous with Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman - the most wanted and dangerous drug lord in the world - purely for journalistic purposes.
The leader of the Sinaloa cartel had ostensibly granted his first and only interview after escaping from a maximum security prison through a tunnel months earlier to the 55-year-old actor. But a new one-hour documentary claims the truth behind the encounter is more tangled than the script it was meant to lead to.

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