Cecilia Braekhus…. where do I start? There are so many compliments I could give this athlete. For starters, the inspiration she is to women globally is priceless. Cecilia Braekhus is a Norwegian boxer, born in Columbia. As an orphan adopted by Norwegian parents, she started kickboxing at the age of 14. Soon she had 75 wins out of 80 amateur matches.

Cecilia turned pro in 2007 with a contract from German promoter Wilfried Saurerland. Their goal was to make her the first Norwegian World Champion.

Only two years later, Cecilia became the WBC World Champion in the welterweight division. At that time, the WBA welterweight was vacant and became the property of Cecilia Braekhus!

I could go on with title fights, and score card reads, but this picture is bigger. Lets face it , boxing is known as a mans sport.  Female fights were actually outlawed for decades throughout boxing history. Athletic commissioners refused to sanction female boxers or give them licenses to box. The first women boxers go back to the 18th century in London of course! Elizabeth Wilkinson, the first known female boxer, fought both men and women in the ring!

Since women’s boxing first appeared in the Olympics in 1904, women’s boxing has come a long slow way. Throughout the 70’s and 80’s there have been women boxers that have grabbed our attention, but it wasnt until the 90’s for women boxers to claim their stake in the boxing game. Many world champion boxers were female!

With so much denial, hesitance and discrimination, women boxers have had to fight out of the ring just to get in it! The mayor of Hackney England once was quoted “I regard this proposed exhibition of women boxers as a gratification of the sensual ideals of a crowd of vulgar men.”

As women, we always walk a fine line. We are tough, capable, and unstoppable, but don’t look too pretty while your’e doing your craft! The very same entities that ridicule an act that isn’t feminine enough for a woman will immediately sexualize them. Take the female athlete and make her sexy, otherwise we just cant wrap our brains around it.

Cecilia Braekhus has shattered stereotypes, and is the best of both worlds proving female athletes can be everything they want to be. Both tough as nails and beautiful. Always a class act, Cecilia is a true role model for all women of all ages.

Nod of respect to Cecilia’s trainer, Lucia Rijker is a trailblazer and one of women’s boxing’s living legends.

This year 2018, marks a huge day in history for women in boxing. Cecilia Braekhus  makes history as Ring Magazine’s female pound for pound champion! The first of its kind, this championship comes with a brand new belt!

Congratulations to the First Lady of boxing! Braekhus is undefeated 34-0 (9). Cecilia was also awarded the Boxing writers Association of America’s innagural “Female Fighter of the Year” Award in New York.

Cecilia is the only boxer IN THE WORLD both male or female to ever hold the world title belts of all four major sanctioning bodies. Cecilia Braekhus is considered to be the greatest female boxer ever!

SUPERFLY 3 at the Fabulous Forum

Last night 360 promotions brought Superfly 3 to the Fabulous Forum along with HBO Boxing After Dark.

Of course there was a lot leading up to this night.  The anticipation was building and the clock was ticking!

This morning as I have my coffee and toast, I keep thinking about what a fabulous night it was! The first fight must be incredible for these boxers. A huge stadium, kind of quiet, not really filled up yet, and nothing but press cameras and a lot of lights!

The first match of the night that really got the audience out of their seats & screaming was the female boxers! Louisa “Lulu” from Perth Australia had a bloodied face early on!  These women had combinations for days! What an exciting fight! After going  10 rounds, Brenda “Bonita” Flores  became the new WBC female Atomweight champion of the World!

The next match was Bruno Escalante (Philippines) vs Alexandru Marin (Romania).  Now if you saw Bruno shove Marin at the weigh ins, you’d know this fight was on!  After all the anticipation, the match was actually pretty boring until round 7. Undefeated Marin won by unanimous decision. Many would dispute this to say the least.

Now let’s just talk about Kazuto Ioka  from Osaka Japan vs McWilliams Arroyo from Puerto Rico. Now I’ve heard that Arroyo can take a beating, and this fight sure proved that. Kazuto had some body shots that you could practically feel from the sound of the punch landing to the guts! Kazuto knocked Arroyo down to the mat in round 3, never to get him down again thru all 10 rounds. Ioka Kazuto after a year in retirement comes back with the belt!!!! Congratulations to Kazuto Ioka the WBC SILVER FLYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!! It was also amazing to see Japanese fans in the audience !

Nietes & Palicte…the perfect time to go get a drink or snack up. WBO Super Flyweight World Championship. What a snoozer! The audience was chanting “beso beso” which means “kiss”! This co-main event went all 12 rounds.  The title remains vacant with a split decision draw! 116-112 Palicte- 118-120 Nietes.

The main event, 12 rounds going for the WBC Super Flyweight  title!   Felipe  Orucuta (Mexico)  vs Juan Francisco Estrada (Mexico). Estrada dominated the entire fight.  Estrada defeats Felipe Orucuta unanimous 128-110, 117-111. What a show these athletes put on!

Thank you to 360 Promotions, HBO boxing, the Forum, and all of these amazing boxers for an incredible entertaining night of good fun, & sportsmanship.

Please stay tuned for my officially published column in Street Motivation Magazine !  You can never go wrong with boxing!  Let’s Go!








New Opportunities 2018

 All throughout 2017, everything pointed towards major change in the upcoming year of 2018. As this year is coming to an end, I must admit I have been planning, and I am ready!

 Many of you have read the legislation of  SB 10. This Senate Bill was passed to come into effect October 2019 to get rid of cash bail as we now know it.   As many of you know, I have owned my own Bail Bonds agency for 13 years. Bail Bonds is a very stressful business, and  I am all for change!

With that being said, I’d like to take a moment to thank everybody who read my blog consistently every week for so many years in the past.  I am here to start blogging again! My writing and my photography are skills of mine that I never thought would come into play in my professional life. Now here I am getting my official Press Pass.

My personal passion for boxing made it easy for me to have a writing niche.  Having influential friends has also helped me tremendously. After running a business for 13 years in Los Angeles, I would hope to know a few people to say the least. I must thank the boxing community for welcoming me with open arms.

I will be the first Latina woman to introduce  a sports column for Street Motivation Magazine & Newspaper.  I am also the official Los Angeles writer for Esto de Mexico Magazine.

My first big event that I’m covering will be Superfly 3 coming to you from the Fabulous Forum this Saturday, September 8, 2018

Emanating from the “Fabulous” Forum in Los Angeleson Saturday, September 8 and televised on HBO Boxing After Dark beginning at 9:45 p.m. ET/PT, SUPERFLY 3is headlined by a 12-round WBC Super Flyweight Final Elimination Bout between former world champion JUAN FRANCISCO ‘El Gallo’ ESTRADA, (36-3-0, 25 KO’s), of Sonora, Mexico and two-time world title challenger FELIPE ‘Gallito’ ORUCUTA, (36-4-0, 30 KO’s), of Nicolas Romero, Mexico. Estrada vs. Orucuta is promoted in association with Zanfer Promotions.

Featured on the outstanding live-streamed undercard, ‘Bang Bang Lulu’ Louisa Hawton, (8-1-0, 4 KO’s) of Perth, Australia will face Brenda Flores, (12-4-1, 2KO’s) of Tijuana, Mexico for the Interim World Boxing Council Women’s Atomweight World Title.

Saturday’s fight card is spectacular from beginning to end, including fighters here all the way from Japan! Be sure to follow Street Motivation Magazine to read my column!
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I am so excited and thrilled to be wtiting again, thank you so much for being with me on this new career journey!