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There’s one million sources that will tell you last nights boxing score card. What is different about my blog, and articles? Well I’m not going to start dropping names you don’t know and cannot pronounce. I’m not going to start gossiping about last years fight that you didn’t see. And, I’m not going to bore you with monotonous details that promoters are dealing with.

….Unless you want me to.

I can most definitely cough up every medicinal detail, but that’s not what my readers are interested in. Some people just want to know whats happening. Some people have an edge for everything eclectic, interesting and relevant. The latest restaurant, the coolest bar, the hot art opening. And of course, if you’re in the know… you absolutely have to know whats going on in the gentleman’s sports of boxing, and golf. Ok maybe boxing and baseball. Whichever sports are your favorite, there’s a source for the news.

The 90’s was boxing excellence at its best for my generation. We had Mike Tyson for pete’s sake, I could watch Tyson videos all day and night if I had the time. But in the life of reality, boxing offers us so much. It reminds us that excellence is real. Superiority is actually attainable with hard work. These are real people with no ivy league prerequisites.  The trainers aren’t famous or beautiful. The gyms don’t cost 120k per year, this is REAL!

Invite your friends, and stock up on your favorite adult beverage. I promise you the first bell paired with the voice of the quintessential ring announcer will give you the same excitement and anticipation as ever expected. Its like curling up with an old girlfriend, a safe warm place to have a good time.

Yes there were downfalls in the boxing scene. Don King powerfully turned off many living room tv sets. But boxing is here and its huge. It’s a global phenomenon.

Which brings me to last nights fight. British boxing is on fire. Europe, Russia and America hands down produce the best fighters. Last night Manchester Arena in England, was a beehive of fans singing and chanting the entire night. Four title belts were on the line. Tony “Bomber” Bellew 30-2 (20 KO’s) vs Oleksandr Usyk 15-0 (11 KO’s). Plenty of boo’s, singing and chanting all night. The underdog was British boxer Bellew. The bomber’s mind game is strong,  but he was up against a surgeon in the ring.

Champion Usyk in white Getty Images

This cruiserweight fight opened up with rapper Bugzy Malone performing in the ring. Did you remember to get the adult beverages and other refreshments? The show is about to begin!

Usyk the Russian powerhouse, is two fights away from retirement, and has had an incredible career. Naturally we as fans want to see these boxers open up first round, but they need to feel each other out! That was round 1.

These boxer’s are the same height of 6’3″ yet Usyk has a reach advantage of four inches. Can you believe that? Who has arms that long? A born boxer, that’s who. The highlight of round 2 was Bellew throwing a temper tantrum and yelling. Bellew started out very confidant and aggressive. Audience singing and chanting.

Rounds 3 & 4 not much happening. Round 5… time for Usyk to remember who he is. Bellew had been clowning him in the ring, and Usyk is not used to that. No respect from the Bomber. Usyk has a pesky opponent on his gloves!

Round 6, crowd still singing and chanting. My hope is they stop playing around and bring it to the ring right about now. That’s exactly what happened. Like clockwork Usyk took control of the situation. It was time. From this moment on, all you could do was watch through a few fingers covering your eyes. It was entirely frightening to watch, because you knew at any given second, Usyk was going to take Bellew out with a KO.

Round 8, just as predicted, the knock out from Usyk  was delivered by a right followed by a left hook combination. Bellew was on the mat. Crowd still singing and chanting!

It was a fantastic night of boxing. The undercard fights were solid as well with some gnarly gore for the satiety of the fans.

Hyde’s Hematoma
Getty Images

Watch some boxing! There’s a new affordable platform sans the exorbitant $75 dollar ppv fees! You’ll fall in love with the sport all over again. I promise.

Thank you for reading my blog.




  1. Jr olague

    Use to really get into boxing but in the years its changed, but I’ll be keeping track on your road to success and cant wait to hear more and learn from your blogs!

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