Liddell vs Ortiz 3 at The Fabulous Forum

This is the third time Chuck Liddell has the chance to eat Tito Ortiz for dinner. Tonight they step into the cage once more as the main event at the Fabulous Forum. So far Chuck has beat Tito up twice no problem. You’ve got to hand it to Tito for not being plain old scared of Chuck Liddell. So far I’ve been to the media workout, a turkey giveaway and the official weigh in. No Oscar de la Hoya anywhere in sight. This is a Golden Boy Promotions event, world famous Golden Boy boxing! His announcer girl is here, her voice rings familiar through the forum, but there’s no ring, only a cage.

Photography by Richard Chase

One thing I can say, is the feud is legit. Although their arrivals at media events were strategically placed a few minuets apart, Tito lingered just so he could yell out some insulting drama. Chuck and his team got uncomfortable and rolled their eyes. Chuck looks better now, than he has in years! He’s tall, lean and mean. Tito looks so good too it’s incredible. Tito looks cool in his track pants and addidas. Tito is a very large man, and intimidating even when he’s being nice. The usual does not include a turkey giveaway before the official weigh in, this was a nice gesture on the fighters parts, and Oscar’s 22nd year of feeding East LA.

On tonight’s card is 16 bouts. 5 bouts are amateurs going 3×3 min rounds. The pros go 3×5 min rounds. I dont know anything about MMA. What I do know is this Forum is pretty full and its early. Impressive. I’m sitting in the media section having my hot dog and candy courtesy of Golden Boy. Fight after fight happens, and now we’ve arrived at the heavyweight division! Out of MEX we have Oscar Coto 8-1 260 lbs vs Jay Silva  10-9 225 lbs out of Huntington Beach. Lets see what they got. Cota looks out of shape but full of energy. Silva is huge and scary and packin way more muscle. In the first round these two blokes did nothing. The crowd will start yelling. This isn’t what we pay’d for. Sure enough some strikes happen but these guys like to fight on the ground. That’s how it happened, by submission, in the 3rd round. Ok, next some more tattooed guys rolling around on the ground, one had a horrible black eye. Now the Forum is packed, one of the fighters just proposed to his lady, one knee and all. These MMA fans are something else. We now have two fights before the main event.

I have to be honest, with the crowd, the muscles, and the candy, I’m officially excited to see the main event. They showed Tito pull up in his Rolls Royce, his hot girlfriend, and kids. Mickey Rourke walks past me, and I see big boy to my right, Oscar de la Hoya sitting there with actor Michael Pena,  I’m officially having fun! This is almost as exciting as a boxing match!

Now we stand for the anthem! The electricity in the air was real. Tito came out to some super hot killer music, I think it was the beastie boys but I’m not sure. Chuck came out to some disco music, I thought that was a bad sign. First round and Tito was calling Chuck out. Tito through some punches and a lot of them hit. Three in a row to be exact, one straight in the mouth. Chuck was face down on the mat. Goodnight. ORTIZ Win – KO at 4:24 during round 1. Was it just a payday? Let me know what you think!

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