Liddell vs Ortiz 3 Media Workout

Golden boy Promotions presents Liddell vs Ortiz 3. Many have already seen this match. Chuck Lidell has won fair and square twice already. Some people call Ortiz a “glass jaw”. The feaud is real, and it continues. Which brings us to today. You remember when I was in Las Vegas for the Canelo vs GGG2 fight? Remember the press conference of Liddell and Ortiz? Well I understand that was last September, but it goes like this. They’re fighting again. At 43 and 48 years of age they’re fighting again. These are genetic super freaks.

Today was the media workouts promoting the fight and it was held at Kings MMA. Kings MMA is on Santa Monica Blvd in the Fairfax district, meter and permit parking only. Sandwiched between coffee shops and dry cleaners is the beautiful Muay Thai studio with brick walls and good lighting. Kings MMA was founded in 2010 in Huntington Beach Ca. West Hollywood, its second studio is home to Master Rafael Cordeiro. Out of respect, all the media took off their shoes for the dojo.

First scheduled to arrive was Tito Ortiz. He was on time and got straight to business. No entourage, no girl on his arm, Tito got straight to short individual interviews with all the different media. Tito looked great, tall and lean at 6’2″ and looked extra froggy with a nice shiner on his left eye.

Tito Ortiz
Photography by Electra

After a short moment Tito came out from the locker room in shorts and a t shirt. Tito put boxing gloves on and got to hittin some pads. He was powerful and went over a solid 5 minutes. He was strong, powerful and super confidant as always. That was his exhibit and he was out.

Chuck Liddell slipped in at precisely the right time, as Ortiz was on his way out. He made his way thru the media with the Q & A. He looks incredible training out of Huntington Beach eating six times a day. He changes into an all black wet suit kind of super hero gear, and had a nice stretch started by his trainer. The buzz on the street is that Chuck has “people”, a team for this, and a team for that. By the looks of his stretch, I’ll believe it. With that being said, I’d like to add that Chuck did his own MMA style hand wraps. He took to the heavy bag first, and boy does he have some nice punches. Chuck looked like robo cop. His body looks like all it knows how to do is throw punches and kicks practically like a machine, a well oiled machine. After the heavy bag, some pads followed by some deadly kicks. Chuck even did some Jujutsu with the agility of someone half his age. You to not want to roll around with Chuck Liddell.

Chuck Liddell
Photography by Electra

We all thought Tito had left the building. During Chuck’s pads there’s yelling from the back of the studio, and it’s Tito. He’s yelling the typical crap of a stereotypical MMA dude. At least the rivalry is legit. I could quote and I could post the footage but that’s not my style. I’ll tell you whats more interesting. The heckling didn’t get more that an eye roll from the Ice Man. He continued with his work.

Kiddell vs Ortiz 3 is a three round light heavyweight Main Event is happening Saturday November 24, 2018 at the Fabulous Forum. The fight will be presented live on Pay-Per-View beginning at 6:00 p.m. PT/9:00 p.m.ET.

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